Headshot of Bobbi Jo Matheny


Bobbi Jo Matheny has a non-traditional job. Her expertise? Welding and application of gases in the welding process.

In layman’s terms, Bobbi works in welding—her job is to pack industrial gases in her role as a research associate in Delaware at Air Liquide, a French-owned, global company. Before landing the job, Bobbi Jo graduated from Ferris State University with a bachelor’s degree in welding engineering technology.

Prior to attending Ferris State University, Bobbi Jo studied four days a week at Muskegon Career Tech Center during her senior year of high school, and she also participated in a co-op to gain hands-on experience. A young professional making a name for herself in the field, Bobbi Jo is already a certified associate welding inspector, certified welding educator and certified welding supervisor. Though her job may be untraditional, career exploration set her on the path to success in the field.